Multiuser Antenna Selection for Zero Forcing Beamforming based MIMO OFDMA

Jianhua ZHANG, Guangyi LIU, Weidong WANG
Communications, 2007. APCC 2007. Asia-Pacific Conference on
DOI: 10.1109/APCC.2007.4433511
Publish Year: 2007

Abstract: Multiuser Zero Forcing Beamforming (MU-ZFB) can be adopted to exploit the multiuser spatial multiplexing gain and diversity gain in downlink by spatial multiuser scheduling. On the other hand, multiuser joint subcarrier allocation can obtain multiuser diversity gain in frequency domain. In this paper, a novel joint Spatial and Frequency Proportional Fairness (SFPF) scheduler is proposed to achieve the spatial- frequency multiuser diversity gain for multiuser ZFB based MIMO OFDMA system while guarantees the multiuser fairness. To approach the spatial multiuser diversity gain, three antenna selection algorithms are proposed, optimal, random and suboptimal antenna selection and their performance is evaluated in a single cell scenario. The optimal algorithm can achieve the best performance but has the highest complexity. The random algorithm has the worst performance but the lowest complexity.

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