Correlation Analysis of High-speed Railway Channel Parameters Based on Channel Measurement

YunLing Guo, Jianhua Zhang, Chi Zhang, Lei Tian
High Mobility Wireless Communications (HMWC), 2013 International Workshop on
DOI: 10.1109/HMWC.2013.6710299
Publish Year: 2013

Abstract: In this paper, Empirical results characterizing the joint statistical properties of the shadow fading (SF), the root-mean-square (rms) delay spread (DS), and the Ricean K-factor are presented. Measurement data from high-speed railway in viaduct scenario have been analyzed. It is found that a log-normal distribution accurately fits the distribution function of all the investigated parameters. The spatial autocorrelation function of SF, rms DS, and Ricean K-factor can be modeled with an exponential decay function. However, The spatial autocorrelation functions of all three variables are better characterized by a composite of double exponential decaying functions. A positive cross correlation is found between the SF and the Ricean K-factor, while both parameters are negatively correlated with rms DS. All essential parameters required for the implementation of a simulation model considering the joint statistical properties of SF, rms DS, and the Ricean K-factor are provided.

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