Dynamic Range Impact on 3D MIMO Channel Characteristics in Rural-Macro Scenario at 3.5 GHz

Weite Zhang, Lei Tian , Zhongyuan Wu , Jianhua Zhang, Yi Zheng, Jingmin Cao
2018 European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
Publish Year:

Abstract: Rural-macro (RMa) is an important scenario for fifth generation (5G) deployment, and there is a strong diffraction in RMa making it difficult to distinguish between line-of-sight (LoS) and non-line-of-sight (NLoS) case. Since the environmental condition is closely related to the dynamic range of channel impulse response (CIR), this paper studies the dynamic range impact on characteristics of three dimensional (3D) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels based on 3.5 GHz measurement campaign in RMa. The space-alternating generalized expectation-maximization (SAGE) algorithm is employed to estimate multipath component parameters. The channel statistical characteristics, channel capacity and eigenvalues of CIR matrix are calculated for different CIR dynamic ranges. The results show that the delay spread, the angle spread, the channel capacity and the sub-channel correlation are linearly related to the dynamic range of CIR. Thus, the results give a new perspective to study channel characteristics based on CIR dynamic range in RMa scenario.


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