An Evaluation of Channel Models, Frequency Bands and Antenna Topologies for 5G

Callum T. Neil, Mansoor Shafi , Peter J. Smith,
Pawel A. Dmochowski,Jianhua Zhang
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), 2017 IEEE 85th
Publish Year: 2017

Abstract: The range of candidate bands considered for 5G wireless systems extends from 6-100 GHz. In this paper we examine the impact of key parameters of millimeter-wave (mmWave) and microwave channel models on various system performance metrics, e.g., spectral efficiency, eigenvalue structure and convergence to massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) properties. We consider 6 spatial channel model (SCM) based scenarios, including 3GPP SCM at 2.6 GHz and those derived from recent measurement campaigns at 6 GHz, 28 GHz and 73 GHz. We define and evaluate an effective degrees of freedom metric (EDOF), demonstrating a dramatic EDOF reduction in mmWave bands compared to microwave, unless serving multiple users, where the antenna separation increases the effective rank of the composite channel. Furthermore, we analytically derive the covariance matrix of two SCM structures showing the impact of modelling choice on the channel correlations.


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