A novel method based on signal sparsity to obtain fractional sample delay

Yanwei Xiong, Jianhua Zhang, Ping Zhang
Communications and Networking in China (CHINACOM), 2013 8th International ICST Conference on
DOI: 10.1109/ChinaCom.2013.6694674
Publish Year: 2013

Abstract: In many applications, such as communication, speech coding, and audio technology, not only the sampling frequency but also the actual sampling instants are of crucial importance. Fractional sample delay has been widely used in the domain of signal processing. There are many methods to obtain higher delay resolution. However the common defect is that they can not provide a continuous variable accurate delay. In this paper we take into account the characteristic of the information carried by the signal, which is the essence of the signal. A novel method based on the signal sparsity is prosed. Compared to the traditional interpolation algorithm, this method has lower normalized mean square error (NMSE) and can obtain arbitrary sample delay.

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