System Performance Evaluation on FuTURE B3G TDD System from Field Channel Measurement

Guangyi LIU, Jianhua ZHANG, Jianchi ZHU, Feng JIANG, Bei ZHOU, Weidong Wang
Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, 2007. WiCom 2007. International Conference on
DOI: 10.1109/WICOM.2007.300
Publish Year: 2007

Abstract: FuTURE B3G TDD is designed to provide 100 Mbps peak data rate in both uplink and downlink. In this paper, based on the results from the field channel measurement, the radio transmission parameters of physical layer is optimized, and the downlink performance of FuTURE B3G TDD is evaluated in system level. To provide a multi-cell coverage, a soft frequency reuse is adopt. Further, a joint spatial and frequency scheduling is proposed to explore the multiuser diversity gain at both spatial and frequency domain. As the channel reciprocity can be obtained in TDD system, the Channel Status Information (CSI) can be exploited at the transmitter to obtain the spatial-frequency multiuser diversity by joint spatial-frequency subcarrier and antenna assignment of MIMO OFDMA for the independent fading of different user in spatial and frequency domain. With the optimised radio transmission parameters, the peak data rate and system throughput can be improved 12.7%. The downlink system throughput in multi-cell scenario can achieve about 30 Mbps with 4times2 MIMO in 10 MHz bandwidth.

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