Spectral Efficient Frequency Allocation Scheme in Multihop Cellular Network

Lei Guan, Jianhua Zhang, Member, IEEE, Jianing Li, Guangyi Liu, Ping Zhang, Member, IEEE
Vehicular Technology Conference, 2007. VTC-2007 Fall. 2007 IEEE 66th
DOI: 10.1109/VETECF.2007.308
Publish Year: 2007

Abstract: Radio frequency allocation is of great importance in the multihop cellular network, because some extra resources (frequency or time slot) seem to be allocated to the relay station. Generally, the tradeoff must be made between the frequency reuse factor and the inter-cell interferences during establishing frequency allocation scheme. A “pre-configured and fixed (PreF)” frequency allocation scheme has been proposed in [1]. In this paper, the concept of “soft frequency reuse (SFR)” in [2] is first borrowed, and applied to the multihop cellular network. After that, the improvement is made to the SFR scheme, and a more efficient “modified SFR (MSFR)” frequency allocation scheme is proposed. Through the simulations, it is demonstrated that, almost the same cell throughput can be achieved in the PreF and SFR schemes for the uniform traffic distribution, and the MSFR scheme can provide nearly twice cell throughput as large as that in the aforementioned two schemes. Moreover, the SFR and MSFR schemes both outperform the PreF scheme for the non-uniform traffic distribution because of the support to dynamic frequency resource allocation in the proposed schemes.

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