Small Scale Fading Characteristics of Wideband Radio Channel in the U-shape Cutting of High-speed Railway

Lei Tian, Jianhua Zhang, Chun Pan
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Fall), 2013 IEEE 78th
DOI: 10.1109/VTCFall.2013.6692415
Publish Year: 2013

Abstract: High-speed railway (HSR), as an important deployment scenario for both the present and the future mobile wideband radio communication systems, has attracted more and more attention all over the world with the rapid increasing demand of the high data rate communication service on traveling. For the purpose of capturing the wideband channel characteristics of HSR, a channel measurement campaign was conducted at the center frequency of 2.35 GHz with 50 MHz bandwith in the U-shape cutting scenario of Zhengzhou–Xian HSR line in China. Based on the field measured data, we analyze the small scale characteristics in detail, which maily include path number, root mean square delay spread (rms DS), and doppler shift. It is found that the distribution of the path number is well fitted by a Gamma distribution. The statistics of rms DS in the U- shape cutting scenario are larger than the results in other scenario of HSR. In addition, an increasing tendency of rms DS against the transmitter-to- receiver distance is observed and can be modeled by a linear function. Finally, the doppler frequency shift is verified and meets the theoretical value.

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