The Interdisciplinary Research of Big Data and Wireless Channel: A Cluster-Nuclei Based Channel Model

ZHANG Jianhua
China Communications, 2016 ( vol. 13, no. Supplement2 )
Publish Year: 2017

Abstract: Recently, internet stimulates the explosive progress of knowledge discovery in big volume data resource, to dig the valuable and hidden rules by computing. Simultaneously, the wireless channel measurement data reveals big volume feature, considering the massive antennas, huge bandwidth and versatile application scenarios. This article firstly presents a comprehensive survey of channel measurement and modeling research for mobile communication, especially for 5th Generation (5G) and beyond. Considering the big data research progress, then a cluster-nuclei based model is proposed, which takes advantages of both the stochastical model and deterministic model. The novel model has low complexity with the limited number of cluster-nuclei while the cluster-nuclei has the physical mapping to real propagation objects. Combining the channel properties variation principles with antenna size, frequency, mobility and scenario dug from the channel data, the proposed model can be expanded in versatile application to support future mobile research.

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