6–100 GHz research progress and challenges from a channel perspective for fifth generation (5G) and future wireless communication

Zhang Jianhua, Tang Pan, Tian Lei, Hu Zhixue, Wang Tan, Wang Haiming
Publish Year: 2017

Abstract: Radio frequency is a valuable resource for wireless communication systems. The high-frequency band from 6 GHz up to 100 GHz, where continuous and broad spectra exist, is promising to meet the high spectrum requirement of fifth generation (5G) mobile communication systems by 2020. To date, many groups from academia and industry have contributed to devising approaches to allocate and utilize frequency resources from 6 GHz to 100 GHz for 5G and future wireless communication systems. In this paper, we present global efforts to allocate potential frequency bands and field trial progress from 6 GHz to 100 GHz for 5G. From a channel perspective, we summarize research progress and challenges, including channel measurement platforms and channel parameter analysis, both of which are important to extract the inherent channel characteristics and use a high-frequency band for 5G and future wireless communication systems.

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