Microwave vs. Millimeter-Wave Propagation Channels: Key Differences and Impact on 5G Cellular Systems

Mansoor Shafi, ZHANG Jianhua, Harsh Tataria,Andreas F. Molisch,Shu Sun,Theodore S. Rappaport,Fredrik Tufvesson,Shangbin Wu,Koshiro Kitao
IEEE Communications Magazine ( Volume: 56 , Issue: 12 )
Publish Year: 2018, English

Abstract: Fifth generation cellular systems will be deployed in the microwave and millimeterwave (mmWave) frequency bands (i.e., between 0.5100 GHz). Propagation characteristics at these bands have a fundamental impact on each aspect of the cellular architecture, ranging from equipment design to real-time performance in the field. While we have a reasonable understanding of the propagation characteristics at microwave (<; 6 GHz) frequencies, the same cannot be said for mmWave. This article explains key differences in the propagation characteristics between the microwave and mmWave bands, and further gives examples of how these differences impact 5G system design.

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