Further Vision on TD-SCDMA Evolution

Guangyi Liu, Zhang Jianhua, Zhang Ping
Communications, 2005 Asia-Pacific Conference on
DOI: 10.1109/APCC.2005.1554036
Publish Year: 2005

Abstract: As the data rate of the mobile service increases fast, 2 Mbps is not enough any more for time division-synchronous code division multiple access (TD-SCDMA). While the new B3G system to provide high data rate service is still in research, TD-SCDMA must be enhanced and evolved to provide higher data rate service with better QoS. Considering the status of long term evolution (LTE) of 3G which is been researching and standardizing in 3GPP, the evolution map of TD-SCDMA is presented in this paper, and the requirement on TD-SCDMA LTE and the potential features of LTE TDD is presented. By introducing the advanced techniques step by step, e.g., MIMO, OFDM, AMC, distributed antenna array, ad hoc and cooperative relaying, distributed network architecture and scalable bandwidth, the evolved TD-SCDMA can provide much higher data rate with low latency, low cost, improved coverage and capacity step by step

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