The Method to Implement 5G Channel Model with Spatial Consistency

Guangzhong Yu , Lei Tian , Jianhua Zhang , Chao Wang
2018 IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC)
Publish Year: 2018

Abstract: For the purpose of evaluating the performance of mmWave beamforming/tracking schemes, spatial consistency is regarded as a mandatory feature for 5G channel model. In this paper, the geometric stochastic modelling method for spatial consistency is implemented. And the specific modelling procedure is provided. By modifying the mmWave channel model in ITU-R, the spatial consistency is applied into the model. On the basis of it, the changes of cluster delays and angles as mobile station (MS) moving under a certain trajectory are researched. For comparing, the same research is operated on the platform without spatial consistency. It can be observed that delays and angles of cluster will change continuously and obviously with the trajectory. These analysis results can give insight into the performance of mmWave communication system..


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