Millimeter Wave Channel Measurements and Modelling in an Indoor Hotspot Scenario at 28 GHz

Pan Tang, Jianhua Zhang , Mansoor Shafi , Pawel A. Dmochowski ,Peter J. Smith
2018 IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-Fall)
Publish Year: 2018

Abstract: Millimeter-wave channel models are fundamental for evaluating the performance of technologies for 5G. In this paper, we present two kinds of millimeter-wave channel measurements, fixed point measurements and virtual measurements, in an indoor open office. A correlation sounder with a bandwidth of 600 MHz is used to carry out these measurements. Then, channel parameters, e.g., the path loss, shadow fading, root mean square (RMS) delay spread (DS), K-factor, delay-cluster number and angular spread, are extracted and modelled. These extracted models will enable the generation of an impulse response for the indoor hotspot environment. Differences between our measurement-based channel model parameters and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) channel model are discussed. The impact of differences on capacity are investigated by simulations. We find that the ITU channel model is optimistic about capacity. These results can help researchers to use millimeter-wave channel models for indoor office scenarios when evaluating 5G performance.


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