Comparison of ML carrier estimation schemes based on APSSB and preamble for OFDMA in fading channel

Wenfei Xie, Shuang Li, Jianhua Zhang, Ping Zhang
Telecommunications, 2005. ConTEL 2005. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on (Volume:1 )
DOI: 10.1109/CONTEL.2005.185849
Publish Year: 2005

Abstract: The paper proposes a novel estimation scheme of carrier frequency offset (CFO) based on Added Preamble Sequence Semi-Blind (APSSB) scheme. The proposed maximum-likelihood (ML) CFO estimator is based on APSSB OFDMA model in which Gold sequence is added to the output of IFFT modulator and exploited for CFO estimation at the receiver. CFO estimators based on APSSB scheme and preamble are compared by both SINR analysis and simulation. We propose that the APPSB scheme should be employed for fine frequency synchronization in OFDMA especially in delay-insensitive service.

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