Channel and Queue Aware Scheduling for Mixed Service in Multiuser MIMO OFDM system

Guangyi LIU, Jianhua ZHANG, Jianchi Zhu, Weidong Wang
Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, 2007. WiCom 2007. International Conference on
DOI: 10.1109/WICOM.2007.131
Publish Year: 2007

Abstract: In MIMO OFDMA system, multiuser diversity gain can be achieved both in spatial and frequency domain by channel aware scheduling. For real time (RT) service, the data rate and the packet delay should be guaranteed. But for none-real time (NRT) service, larger packet delay is acceptable and multiuser diversity gain can be exploited more to improve the system throughput. In this paper, by exploiting the queue status information and channel status information, a novel framework of unified scheduling for mixed RT and NRT services is proposed for MIMO OFDMA system, and two novel joint spatial-frequency scheduler based on Modified Proportional Fairness (MPF) and Quality Guaranteed (QG) priority function are proposed. From the simulation results, QG&MPF has much better performance than M2PF. For 2times4 MIMO case, QG&MPF can support 40 RT user and 40 NRT users in 10 MHz bandwidth simultaneously, and the system throughput of QG&MPF can approach 32 Mbps; while M2PF can only support 15 RT users and 15 NRT users, and the system throughput is about 11.5 Mbps.

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