Analyses and Modeling of Power Line Channel Attenuation Characteristics for Low Voltage Access Network in China

Dong Shao, Qiang Wang, Yang Lu, Yuquan Shu, Conglin Lai, Kangle Zhang
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Fall), 2014 IEEE 80th
DOI: 10.1109/VTCFall.2014.6965873
Publish Year: 2014

Abstract: This paper presents the measurement results of channel attenuation characteristics of low voltage access network in China. The measurement campaign was performed in typical urban and rural residential areas, which represents the underground cable and the overhead line topologies respectively. Both narrow-band (30-500 kHz) and broad-band (500 kHz-20 MHz) attenuations are investigated. Based on the extensive measurement results, statistical methods are used in the comparison of the average signal attenuation obtained in different areas, the attenuation profile with coupling mode match/mismatch, the attenuation dynamic range at different frequencies. These analyses may provide a comprehensive understanding of the representative channel attenuation characteristics for the access domain. Besides, the classical multipath model was used to model the broad-band (0.5-20 MHz) PLC channel after simplified. Results indicated that the simplified model covers the practical channel quite well.

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