A Design for OFDMA Receiver

Jianhua Zhang, Xueqi He, Jie Bai, Ping Zhang
>Vehicular Technology Conference, 2005. VTC 2005-Spring. 2005 IEEE 61st (Volume:2 )
DOI: 10.1109/VETECS.2005.1543512
Publish Year: 2005

Abstract: In this paper, a design for OFDMA receiver is given. Timing synchronization is achieved by ML algorithm with Gold sequence and then multipath delay estimate is achieved by the correlation operation between the local training sequence and the sampled received signal. In order to decrease the overhead for channel estimation, multiple users are combined as a group to share the pilot subcarriers and Walsh codes are used as pilots for different users. For such user group, LS algorithm with the forward estimated delay is adopted to estimate the channels of users. The simulation results show that this receiver can achieve the timing synchronization, multipath delay estimate at low SNR and good BER performance with accurate channel estimation.

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