A Comparative Study of Two Receiver Schemes for Interleaved OFDMA Uplink

Huan Su, Jianhua Zhang and Ping Zhang
Vehicular Technology Conference, 2006. VTC 2006-Spring. IEEE 63rd (Volume:3 )
DOI: 10.1109/VETECS.2006.1683070
Publish Year: 2006

Abstract: This paper presents a comparative study of two receiver schemes for interleaved OFDMA uplink. In the first scheme, called the post-DFT processing based interference cancellation receiver, the CFOs are compensated in frequency domain and an iterative interference-cancellation scheme is used to reduce the inter carrier interference (ICI) and/or multiuser interference (MUI). The other scheme, the signal structure-based MMSE receiver, exploits the signal inner structure on the interleaved OFDMA uplink and separates single user signal waveform by compensates the effective carrier frequency offsets. Simulation results show that the signal structure-based MMSE receiver is robust to large CFOs but its computation complexity increases considerably with the number of users. Furthermore, it assumes to know the signal power. When the CFOs are small, the post-DFT processing based interference cancellation receiver is preferable because its computation is easy with the number of users and it needs not know signal power

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