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Spatial Characteristics of 3D MIMO Wideband Channel in Indoor Hotspot Scenario at 3.5 GHz

Lei Tian, Jianhua Zhang , Yuxiang Zhang and  Yi Zheng

Abstract: Three dimension (3D) Multiple Input andMultiple Output (MIMO) with massive antenna elements,due to the advantage of using elevation domain than 2DMIMO, is regarded as a promising technique for the fifthgeneration (5G) mobile communication systems. This makes the channel characteristics of elevation domain as a basic requirement for the 5G channel model. In this paper, we conducted a 3D MIMO channel measurement at 3.5 GHz with 100 MHz bandwidth in indoor hotspot scenario which is one of the important scenario for 5G. Based on the channel measurement data, spatial characteristics of elevation domain are analyzed and discussed, including power angular spectrum, angular spread, and crosscorrelation, etc. The extracted channel parameters of elevation domain can be used in the 3D MIMO technology evaluation and simulation for indoor hotspot scenario.


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