Multipath Delay Estimation for a MIMO-OFDM System

Jie Bai, Jianhua Zhang, Ruoju Liu, Xueqi He, Ping Zhang
Communications, 2005 Asia-Pacific Conference on
DOI: 10.1109/APCC.2005.1554024
Publish Year: 2005

Abstract: In this paper, a multipath delay estimation scheme for a MIMO-OFDM system is presented. The scheme is achieved by using the same training symbols for each transmitter antenna after performing transmission delay timing estimation. The training sequences which are simultaneously transmitted are specialized for utilizing the peak autocorrelation property. Probability statistics for multipath delay of multi-frame is introduced to improve estimation performance. The simulation results indicate that delay of the path which the fading coefficient is higher than -18 dB can be detected by more than 90% when signal-to-noise radio (SNR) is larger than 6 dB

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